How to add a new class

1. To add a class, click on 'become a host' on the top right. If you have the button 'sign up' select that option and sign up. If you have a button 'add class', move to the next step.

2.2. Click on 'Add a class'

note: Another way to add a class if you have already added classes before is to select your name, top right, then select hosting, add a class. Note: if you are using a mobile phone or tablet, select the three lines on the top right to be able to see these options

3. Enter the class details in each field and follow the prompts.

Each field needs to have a value. When entering the location, for the location field, enter a street number and street name first, then the suburb or city. (The street number is optional). Do not enter a building name, unit number or suite number. Wait until options appear and select one of the options. For online classes, select the location type online and then enter your address or a valid address. The system does need a valid address to continue. In the notes field add in extra location details such as building name, signage, directions etc so the attendee can find the venue.

Note: the full address is not given to the attendee until the booking is confirmed. The attendees prior to booking only see the suburb. This means if you run a class where you do not normally give out the address until they are booked, you can enter the location in here and the attendee will not see it until they are booked in.

Select submit

Note: If you cannot move past this point it is most likely that the location field has not been entered correctly. Try entering just the street and suburb in the location field and put the full address in the notes field.

4. Enter the title, short description and further details about the activity. Every field, including what to wear needs a value. In notes you may like to mention anything that has not already been mentioned in the other fields. You do not need to enter any prices at this stage. Do not enter any website, email or contact details on this page. Select submit
Tip: The short description information is used for searching. Be sure to include words in the description that are keywords for searching so people can find your class.

5. At the top of the page, select 'add a time'. Select the date of your next class. Select the time it starts and duration of class. Select how frequently the class repeats. Select an end date if your class is by term or finishes on a set duration. Select add to schedule

6. If your class runs during the week at different times or days, select 'add a time' again and enter the next day and time. Then repeat until you have added each instance of the class. You can also use this option if your class runs monthly, or at specific times throughout the year. You can add as many class times as needed.

7. Next select, add a fee. In the drop down select 'class pack' to add a fee for a single class, or multiple classes. Then select the number of classes and enter the amount. This is the cost for one ticket to the class. So if the class is for individuals, it is cost per person. If the class is for a couple, it is the cost per couple. If you class is paid for the entire term and not individual classes, select full term and enter the amount.

8. If you have further cost package options such as multi-class pass, select, add fee and repeat. You can add as many cost packages as you require

10. Select yes or no to instant booking. Instant booking means the attendee can book straight away. If you need to screen attendees, select no. Note you can change this at any time.

11. Read the terms and conditions for mudputty and stripe. Stripe is the payment platform used and is who the payments are processed through. If you are happy, tick the box and select SUBMIT

12. To add another class, select hosting, add a class

13. Next add photos for each of your classes (see instructions below)

14. Once you have added your classes, be sure to update your host profile and profile picture, if you have not already done so.


  • As mudputty takes care of all the payments and bookings, you do not need to mention how to pay or how to book. See how it works for hosts and how it works for attendees for more information
  • Any contact details and address details are not given to the attendee until they have booked. Attendees see the suburb only during their search phase.
  • Please do not enter any email or website address in the notes or detail fields. This information is given to the attendee after booking. Any contact information entered will be removed from the preview and only shown once the attendee has booked.
  • Many fields in your class list are mandatory to help attendees search. The more information you provide in these fields, the easier it is for attendees to find and book your class

Having trouble adding a class:

  • If you are using a phone to enter your class and your class details are not saving, please try a different device
  • If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari and having trouble and have turned javascript on, please try a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

How to add photo's to your class

1. Select your name top right, then hosting, select the class you want to add the photo to. Select 'photos'.
2. Select choose file. Choose the file and select upload.
Note: Photo's are in landscape format (16:9). Please ensure file size is less than 4MB
Tip: Classes with photos receive more bookings than classes without. Photo's are a wonderful visual aid to enhance your class. If you don't have a great photo, try using one from - a wonderful resource for free photos.

How to edit your class

  1. Select your name top right, then hosting, select the class you want to edit. Select 'edit class'.

2. Follow the prompts and on the last page, select 'Create class'

How to delete, suspend or unlist a class

  1. Select your name top right, then 'hosting'.

2. Select the class you want to unlist.

Select 'manage unlisting'

3. Select 'unlist'.

Note: to relist a class, perform the same step and select relist.

Unlisting a class removes the class from the search and bookings pages. Any existing bookings before the class is unlisted will remain. To remove the existing bookings these you will need to cancel the bookings.

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