Hosting a class or activity comes with responsibility. The expectations we have of our hosts, include:

Accurate listing

Keep your class listings accurate and up-to-date. You are responsible for all descriptions and content on your listings. If a class is no longer available, you need to suspend or remove it. If details change, make sure to update the listing.

Suitable and safe venue

Select a venue that is safe and suitable for the activity you’re hosting. Also think about the venue’s accessibility and how people will get to and from the activity.

Laws and regulations

Check any regulations you need to comply with, including venue regulations, business and tax requirements, insurance, as well as health and safety laws. Confirm that you have permission to carry out your activity.

Payments through mudputty

Never ask an attendee to make payments to you outside of mudputty. All money is transferred securely via a third-party payment system — this keeps the payment process simple and transparent.

Appropriate content

Ensure all content you share in your class is respectful and appropriate, with no false or misleading information. Don’t use someone else’s content, unless you have consent.

Communicate thoughtfully

Keep your communications about your activity relevant and considerate — never send spam. Respect your attendees and don’t use your attendee contact information without permission.

For more details on hosting, see our FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

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