Are you new to hosting? Here are some tips to get your started:

1. Prepare and plan: think about the goals of your class and make sure you’re clear on what the class will involve.

2. Set your class dates well in advance so people have enough time to find your activity and book it into their schedules.

3. Provide a clear, accurate description of your class or activity. Give people all the information they need, so they know what to expect and can decide if they’d like to attend.

4. Decide on your cancellation policy. For example, will you offer a refund to attendees who cancel with or without notice, or don’t show up?

5. Use the messaging system to connect with your attendees. By using mudputty’s messaging system you can email and SMS your attendies to give updates or communicate between classes.

6. Respond promptly to any messages you receive from attendees. Answer any questions thoughtfully and let your attendees know that you can be contacted when needed.

7. Make sure you have opted in for reminders to be sent to your attendees. Sending email or SMS reminders before a class can help avoid no shows.

8. Deliver on what you promised, and create an amazing experience for everyone who attends your class.

9. Check the reviews and ratings you received for your class. Be open to feedback and be honest with yourself about how you can continually improve what you offer.

10. Review the attendees from your class: be respectful, fair and constructive in your feedback. Taking the time to review others helps maintain transparency and equality within the mudputty community.

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