Earn money doing what you love

There are many reasons why hosting on mudputty is a fantastic choice:

Join a community of like-minded people

We give you access to an enthusiastic community who are looking for the class or activity you offer.

It’s our mission to bring together people who enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills with those who love to learn.

With our two-way review system, where hosts and attendees can rate each other, there’s trust and transparency amongst everyone.

Avoid the administrative hassles

Why deal with empty classes, late payments, no shows or last-minute cancellations when there’s a simpler way?

mudputty gives you everything you need to organise classes and activities, all in the one place.

You can set minimum class numbers, manage bookings, get paid. It’s also easy to connect with attendees, and send reminders: everything's taken care of with mudputty.

Let us help you succeed

Whether you’re running a business or simply want to share your passion, mudputty is accessible to anyone who wants to host.

It’s free to join and list your activity. The only cost is a 7% service charge, which is deducted automatically from each paid booking.

mudputty offers a complete solution for hosting activities in your local area. So why not join us, and start earning money doing what you love?

Sign up as a host today.

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