The following steps are how to add a free trial to your class listing

Add your class as per the normal steps.

1. In the title or short description, enter the words 'with Free trial' or 'First class free'. This step is optional, though gives you more visibility and appeal to potential attendees
2. When adding the description and details of the class, in the notes, add that the following
The first class is a trial class. Upon booking the class pack, you are given your first class as a free trial class. Your booking is not confirmed or paid for until your trial class has been taken and you have confirmed you would like to continue with the booking.
3. Add in the class time and price for the term or class pack
4. Select autobookings to 'No'

An attendee will then book and enter their payment details for the class pack. Upon booking you receive a message and you confirm a time for the attendee to attend their trial class. If after the class the attendee wishes to proceed, you select 'confirm' on the booking request and the full booking is processed. If the attendee does not wish to proceed, you select 'decline' and the booking and payment do not proceed.

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