Who can host an activity?

Anyone can host; all you need is a desire to share your passion. You’re welcome to join our hosting community whether you’re a seasoned professional, existing business, or have never taught a class in your life.

Do I have to be a registered business?

No. You can host classes as a hobby or a business — it’s up to you.

What are the steps to signing up as a host?

Sign up here by entering your email address. Your free invitation will then be emailed to you.

What marketing is done to promote my class?

Lots! You’ll see mudputty popping up everywhere, from our own mudputty Classes and Activities print magazine with 160,000 copies, newspapers and social media, to community groups and advertising. At mudputty, it’s our business to bring customers to your business.

What are the fees to host on mudputty?

It’s free to list classes on mudputty.

mudputty charges no fees to list your class, accept bookings. All classes listed on mudputty also show automatically in the local area mudputty Print Magazine.

Merchant/Credit card fees do apply from Stripe who process the payment. You can select to include this as part of your class price or add the credit card fee to the class price so the customer is covering the merchant fee.  

When do I get paid?

You’ll receive payment automatically. Payments are issued weekly, five days from the booking being received.

How do I get paid?

You are paid directly in your chosen bank account.

Are payments secure?

Yes. mudputty uses a secure, third-party payment gateway called Stripe. All transactions are via Stripe, so mudputty does not store your credit card details. For more information see

Why do you need my bank account details?

In order to receive payments for each class booking, you need to nominate the bank account where you’d like that payment to be deposited. None of your bank account details are stored with mudputty, but instead are held securely with our trusted payment supplier, Stripe.

Can I list on mudputty and other websites?

Yes, of course. mudputty is not exclusive. We welcome all listings.

I already have a booking and management system, how can I use mudputty?.

Many hosts have existing booking and management software such as mindbody. You can use mudputty as your marketing system to grow and enhance your business, in conjuction with our existing booking software. Think of hotels and how they have their own inhouse system, own website taking bookings, and also feature on platforms such as and hundreds of other hotel booking sites.  It's the same. The more places your classes are seen, the more potential customers will book your classes.

Once your receive a booking on mudputty you simply enter it in to your management software as you would a direct debit booking via phone, email or walkin.

How many classes and activities can I list?

You’re welcome to list as many as you like.

How is mudputty different from Eventbrite or other event platforms?

mudputty is a community for face-to-face classes, activities, retreats and workshops of any size.

mudputty is all about helping people launch, grow and scale their face-to-face class/workshop based business.

mudputty does this through the website, through our Free Print Classes and Activities Magazine, published quarterly in 7 locations Australia wide, through the blog and through our collaborations and extended partner network - ensuring your class/workshop is seen by the right people at the right time, ensuring it is fully booked.

mudputty is all about community, and community is what sets mudputty apart: we’re creating something special at mudputty, and we’d love for you to be part of it.

I'm running a one-off workshop, can I list this on mudputty?

Yes. You can list one off workshops, classes and retreats and list any size - from one-on-one tuition to workshops for thousands of people.

Can I contact my attendees?

Yes. You can  message attendees via mudputty. You can contact all attendees or an individual attendee.

What if I need to cancel a class?

You can cancel a class at any time. There’s the option to refund all bookings, or you can choose to reschedule the class. mudputty’s messaging system makes it easy for you to advise your attendees about the cancellation.

What if I need to refund a booking?

You can refund paid bookings when needed. The refund will be processed automatically through our secure payment system.

What if my classes are overbooked?

When listing a class you can set the numbers, to avoid overbooking. In the case there is a booking problem you can cancel a booking. You might choose to refund the attendee’s money, or ask if they can move to another class. In this case, you can offer a credit for the current booking and re-book them in another class.

When will I hear from mudputty?

As a host, you’ll receive email notifications when you receive a new booking, cancellation, or message from an attendee. Before your activity starts, you’ll also receive a list of attendees.

Is there support available?

Yes. Our friendly team is here to help you. If you have any questions, simply contact us

What types of classes and activities are not allowed?

Activities or listings that feature illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or indecent material are not allowed. Additionally, false and misleading information or class materials that infringe third-party rights are prohibited.

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