mudputty is about fulfilling our most basic need, connection.

Here’s an article from our first magazine, that talks about why mudputty does what it does.

Connecting Beyond a Digital World

Almost everyone knows how to live a healthy life.

Eat vegetables, get good sleep, move our bodies, and be kind.

Most of us also know the digital world doesn’t replace the need for in-person interactions.

But what do we do about it?

We’re social beings. Our brains are wired for relationships, and we get a sense of happiness, connection, and fulfillment by being with people. Even introverts!

And yet, despite all the social media platforms meant to help us connect, many of us feel more disconnected than ever before.

We struggle to find our tribes, and to set aside time in our busy lives to engage in meaningful ways. In-person interactions are vital to our health – physical, psychological, and spiritual.

mudputty is more than local classes meant to feed your interests. On a deeper level, it’s a way to help you find your tribe, uniting you with an authentic community so that you can fulfill one of your most basic needs: connection.

Walk into a class, share a smile, chat, and leave with friends who you can meet up later for coffee.

By engaging with someone – an old friend or a new one – you just might find they needed to engage with you, too!

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